A Wedding Prayer

I thank Thee LORD that Thou didst send,

This one with whom my life I’ll spend.

Wilt Thou be praised in our new life,

As we are now husband and wife.

Wilt Thou Father from above,

Teach us how we ought to love.

May we do so selflessly,
with patience and humility.

In all our laughter and our tears,

Trust in Thee through all our years.
As we do obey Thee LORD,

We will be as a three-fold cord.

Draw us nearer unto Thee,

Wilt Thou our strong foundation be.

To us Thy grace and mercy show,

On us Thy blessing now bestow.

May we each and every day,

Read Thy Word and to Thee pray.

And as we live life side by side,

Father be our Strength and Guide.