A Voice from within the G.L.T.S.

The voice that we hear in the material below belongs to Quek Kok How, a member of the Gospel Literature and Tract Society of Singapore. He has taken the Christian name Francis, and thus signs his own work. He is twenty one years old, of Chinese descent, and has been a Christian for about eight years. We asked Kok How for permission to publish his paper in the Beacon Lights and this was readily granted. It is produced below in full and without any editing.

Our purpose in publishing this material is to let our people hear a representative voice of the G.L.T.S. Especially it is important that we become acquainted with these brethren in Singapore in light of the decision of our Synod of ’79 to send a missionary to the G.L.T.S. as they requested. We believe that the work of preaching the gospel in Singapore is your work. For the whole Church through her office bearers preaches the Word. Therefore, that you may gain some insight into this mission field, we ask you to ready this young brother’s interesting position paper.

In this document Kok How explains the necessity and the possibility of witnessing to the truth as it is in Jesus Christ. This article was prepared in the spring of 1978, after Rev. Slopsema and Elder D. Engelsma had completed their work of preaching and teaching as our emissaries to Singapore. There was considerable opposition within the G.L.T.S. to the Reformed emphasis and direction which this group of youthful believers had now taken Some within the G.L.T.S. charged that a commitment to the Reformed faith, especially the Tulip doctrines, made it impossible to witness to others. Kok How felt duty bound to write this position paper in an attempt to strengthen his brothers and sisters of the G.L.T.S. in the Reformed faith.