A Springtime Story

The air smelled fresh and new, the way it does only on the first warm days of early spring. The grass was starting to turn green, and the leaves were beginning to pop out on the tree in our yard. In the flower bed I could see some thick green points poking up through the soil, soon they would grow into big yellow daffodils. I liked spring!

I just stood there, thinking about the newness of everything, and won­dered why God made the seasons come and go each year. I wondered why it couldn’t be spring all the time.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw someone on the porch watching me. Then he said, “Looks like you’re pondering a deep subject.” Dad always seemed to know when I was thinking hard about something.

“I’m just wondering why it can’t always be spring,” I said.

Dad smiled as he stepped next to me, “Hmm, you sure come up with some good ones! But a good question deserves a good answer.”

Now it was his turn to look like he was thinking hard about something. Then he said, “I think some day it will be spring forever. Winter is a picture of death—and of us. We’re spiritually dead. But spring is a picture of new life—and of how God will make all things new, even us.”

We watched a butterfly hover near us and then flutter away.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that butterfly just came out of its cocoon today,” Dad continued. “And just think, last summer he was a caterpillar! Jesus arose from the dead like that, with a new heavenly body. It’s because of Jesus’ resurrection that spring can be forever. He lives forever. He’ll make us live forever too.”

The sun shone warmly on us both. It made me feel warm inside.

“C’mon, let’s check out the garden and see what’s up,” Dad suggested.

“Okay!” I said.

I think I like spring even more.


Connie Meyer is the mother of 5 children and attends Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Walker, Michigan.