A Report from the Protestant Reformed High School Circle

On June 22, 1964, twenty-two women organized the Protestant Reformed High School Circle.  This took place in the basement of First Church of Grand Rapids, and most of the Protestant Reformed churches n the nearby vicinity were represented.  And now, a little over a year later we have a membership of 38.  The Circle meets the fourth Monday of every other month and on each of the occasions since its inception an excellent speaker has been engaged for the evening.  At the July 1964 meeting, Mr. R. Moore spoke on “Why a Protestant Reformed High School?”, and in September of that year Miss A. Lubbers had her topic “The Classics”.  On November 23 Mr. Wayne Lanning rendered “Psychology and the School Psychologist”, followed at the January meeting 1965 by a speech “Highlights and Progress of Protestant Reformed High School Movement”, by Mr. G. Pipe. Mr. Lamm Lubbers favored us with “Patterns in History” at the March meeting, while we heard “Math and Science in the Christian School Curriculum” by Mr. J. Buiter in May. The last meeting to date was held on July 26 at which time Miss Ruth Dykstra spoke on “The Foundation of Education”.  Besides these truly worthwhile speeches which so comparatively few of us were privileged to hear, the Circle sponsored a special public meeting in October, 1964 at which time Prof. H.C. Hoeksema lectured on “Parental Obligations with Respect to Secondary Education”, in our Southwest church. We hope again the Lord wiling, to present another such lecture in September of this year.  Also we were fortunate in engaging the Protestant Reformed Radio Choir who rendered an Easter program in April at First Church.  All of our regular meetings have been led by our capable president, Miss A. Lubbers, except one, over which Mrs. D. Eerdmans, our vice-president, presided.