A Report from the Federation Board

This year’s Federation Board was again hard at work under its new president, Ron VanOverloop, who succeeded its former president, Don Jonker. Other new additions to the Board included Karyn Kuiper who replaced Ruth Bol as secretary; Sally Elzinga who became librarian in place of Wilma Haveman; and Prof. Hanko who took over one of the two advisory positions formerly held by Rev. VanBaren.
The Federation Board is in control of the Beacon Lights and its staff, and thus, is responsible for making “all appointments to and dismissals or resignations from the various offices on the staff.” This year the Board made the following appointments: Mr. Calvin Reitsma was appointed editor-in-chief; Don Jonker was replaced by Ben Wigger as managing editor; and Ron Yonkers became a member of the public relations staff in place of Ben Wigger.
Nearly everyone is aware by now, this year’s convention will be held in Redlands, California. When the Board’s decision was first announced there was much excitement, speculation and wonder, but also a great amount of enthusiasm, so much so that what was once almost a dream is fast becoming a reality. One of the purposes of the Federation Board is, according to its constitution, to “enable all Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies to work in close unity.” This purpose has to a very great extent been accomplished this year with everyone working in a united effort to raise the money necessary to achieve this convention.
All projects and parties sponsored by the Board this year were geared towards two purposes: first, the unity previously mentioned and secondly, the raising of money for transportation expenses.
In October, a retreat was again held at Camp Manatou-lin. Topics discussed dealt with prayer, missions and a Christian’s role in politics. Reactions were varied but several, surprisingly, expressed their desire for even more discussions at the next retreat.
The skills and spills of transporting oneself about on eight wheels were revealed at a roller skating party at Tarry Hall, on February 6.
A combined choir program, Jan. 26, at First Church featured choirs from several area churches. It was very well attended and the Board received nothing but favorable responses from members of the audience.
Fast talking, rapid selling and clever or not so clever buying, was the scene at an auction which took place at Van Hill furniture on March 26. A tremendous united effort by parents and young people made this the Board’s most worthwhile project thus far. It netted a profit of about $700.
Several male members of our denomination displayed their athletic ability in a double header basketball game April 10 at Grandville Jr. High School. It featured the Seminary vs. the Beacon Lights Staff; and First Senior Society vs. the Athletic Association. Tricky shots, clever moves and very interesting plays were enjoyed by the avid sports fans in the bleachers.
The last big project of the Board will be a family night to be held May 23, at Hope School and church. It promises to be a worthwhile evening for all ages and as has been shown before, with a united effort, a big success.
These and all other projects sponsored by individual societies have just about assured all optimists and pessimists alike that in August about 120 enthusiastic conventioneers will be “winging” their way for a week of Christian fellowship in California. This year the convention will be centered around the well-chosen theme “The Greatest of These” (I Cor. 13).
Looking forward at this writing to the annual Spring Banquet to be held at First Church, May 1.
Thanks to everyone for your marvelous cooperation in all our efforts.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 3 May 1969