A Reformation in Roosevelt Park

We are all quite well acquainted

Why the Prot. Reformed Church did begin.

Why it was necessary to organize,

It was the result of sin.

There were certain of the church’s leaders

From whom the whole truth was not heard,

They brought from the pulpit strange doctrine

That cannot be found in God’s Word.

God’s spirit restrains the godless,

He loves man, one and all

All men do good through common grace

Man is not totally depraved by the fall.

God offers salvation to the sinner

But the sinner, God’s offer must receive:

Before God can convert the sinner,

The sinner must first believe.

Man fell, this is true, they admit it,

And that was a terrible sin, too,

But he’s not so wicked through this fall

That he no more good can do.

Why even the wicked, good deeds do perform

Apart from the grace of our Lord

Sometimes these works exceed the works of the saints

And this they try to prove from God’s Word.

To these statements some could not agree,

And their reasons. “God’s Word” nothing new

Which they might not use, might not even try

To prove that these statements are not true.

They soon were put out of that company then

And were told their office would cease

If you ever agree to the teaching above,

Come back, and then we’ll have peace.

To these statements a reformed man can never agree,

Therefore, a group soon together came,

They agree to organize as a church,

Choosing Protestant Reformed as its name.

This group did meet in the East end of town

And there were in this group, a few

Who felt the need to organize

A group in the south end, too.

Soon here was another organized group

Of fifteen families strong

Who heard God’s grace must save complete

All teaching contrary is wrong.

At first we met where best we could

But we were surely glad

When the way was opened up for us

And we, a regular meeting place had.

This group soon grew and in due time

They thought it best to call

A shepherd that would labor there

And this was agreed by all.

Rev. B. Kok received the first call

And he answered, “I am coming to you.”

Now the congregation began to grow

In grace and number too.

But God had other fields for Rev. Kok

And so to this work was called

As missionary to work at large

For which he was then installed.

Then Roosevelt Park Rev. R. Veldman called

And soon received word from him,

“I’m coming over to Roosevelt Park”

And we were provided again.

But after a very short stay of two years Fuller Ave. asked Rev. Veldman,

“Will you Come over to Fuller to labor in our midst?”

And this he agreed to do.

It was then Roosevelt Park Rev. Schipper invited

And in due time this answer we had

“I’ll accept your call, your pastor I will be.”

Thus Roosevelt Park once again was made glad.

About sixty families are enrolled in our church

And many small children have we

Seventeen of our boys are serving our country now

Serving in the air, on land, or sea.