A Prayer For Sight

A Prayer for Sight


Great God of creation and father of mine,

I humbly beseech Thee to answer my cry.

Thou who ever hast holden all things in They hand,

And rules oer all the workings of man.


Give seeing I pray to these eyes that are blind,

By Thy grace bring light from the darkness of night.

For Thou knowest my frame, my Creator and King,

From dust Thou dids’t shape me Thy glory to bring.


Made in Thy image Thy likeness displayed,

To show forth Thy greatness and marvelous grace.

A sinner redeemed by the blood of Thy son,

The apple of Thine eye, Thy dear precious one.


Yet bruised and afflicted and tossed to and fro,

The tempests and storms oerwhelming my soul.

In weakness and sin I don’t see beyond me,

To the God in whose arms I always shall be.


I fail to look past these troubles and trials,

To see Thy great faithfulness all of the while.

I see only now, with the hurt and the pain,

The storm clouds, the lightning, the thundering rain.


And yet of all those who walk through this shadowy vale,

It is I that have reason to rejoice midst the gale.

For Thou dost preserve me and hold me in grace,

To fight the good fight and run swift the race.


Help me, oh God, to look beyond all this sorrow,

To see Thy great goodness today and tomorrow.

To rejoice and be glad and to show forth Thy praise,

By the hope that is in me through all of my days.


Thy glory I seek, of Thy power I’ll sing,

And sound forth Thy wisdom in all of these things.

In weakness made strong and in strength made to see,

That this strength is not mine but Thine within me.