A New Topic

Dear Mark,

I felt your article in the Open Forum entitled “A New Topic” was very well writ­ten. It spoke of the Singspiration held at Southeast Church on February 12. I would have liked to have been there, but the Lord has a place picked out for me already, and where He calls me, I must go. I my­self was drafted, so therefore I believe the Lord has called me to be away from home and church life.

I feel there is nothing wrong with our singspirations; of course, I don’t know what songs were picked to be sung, or what the special numbers were. But the last question you asked could have something to do with it; it was stated in this way: “Or could it be that there is just no interest in a sing­spiration?” I believe today that people are interested more in the modern way of life, that is, riding around in cars and going to see other friends after church rather than going to our programs that we really don’t hear that often. I enjoy going to these and other programs very much, simply because we don’t have that many of them. But then if you would ask certain young people why they don’t come, they would say they are busy. You would ask, busy with what? They would say with school work or with other friends. They really have enough time during the week for school work, so there is no need to do it on Sunday evenings. Maybe it’s that they don’t care to sing from the Psalter — but why not? There are many more beautiful songs of David and the Scriptures in general than in any other songbook around. And too, since we use the Psalter in our worship services, why not sing some of the different songs in it? I truly believe that the Psalms of David, which a large percent of these songs came from, are just beautiful. If we are Protestant Reformed people we should love to sing the praises of the Lord our God.

I believe that these singspirations are mostly for the young people, but I believe they don’t care about these programs be­cause they are busy with dates, homework, or other things. But if it’s a date, why not go to an evening of singing fellowship to­gether? I feel that would really be good. But if it’s homework, well, there is really no room for homework on the Sabbath, is there? That is, for a child of God? The only homework I could see for one to do on the Sabbath is the study of God’s Word. Maybe some are babysitting, but there is nothing that can be done about that.

I feel these singspirations are very worth­while, because we as Protestant Reformed young and old should love to sing the praises of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Sp/4 Roger A Kamphuis

U.S. 55 829 461

BTRY. A. 4th BN. 28th Arty.

Fort Sill, Oklahoma 73503