A City on the Hill

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. I would like to share with you how the grace of God can redeem a lost soul. A man I know was a fitness instructor working in a large health club in Indiana. He was raised Roman Catholic, though he did not practice it. He was a man who sought to please himself, though you may not have been able to tell it right away. To most he seemed like a good enough guy, but that was the world’s perspective. One could not tell how black his heart was. They did not know of the dungeon and the chains that bound his will. Had they known the vanity of his mind they may have shuddered. If they had been honest with themselves, they too for the most part shared in his lost state.

By the gracious providence of God, a young lady with whom he worked began speaking about her church, and truths that it taught. She also told him of the three-hour journey she and her family made every week to church. The man could not understand how anyone would desire to ride three hours to church every week. He could not fathom the reason for traveling to a church, after all they lived in “the city of churches.” Was there not a church in the area that would suit this girl and her family? This provoked some questions on his part, as one might imagine. What loyalty this young woman had. After asking some questions the girl shared her faith in God with him. She spoke of a sovereign God, who saved his people from their sins. A predestinating God who controls all that comes to pass. Wow, thought the man, this girl is crazy. She must be a Jehovah’s Witness. Only a cultist would believe such things. After all, the man thought as long as one did not kill anyone, God would not cast him into hell. After much thought and discussion this man sought to prove her wrong. She provided him with her personal Bible, marked according to the five points of Calvinism, and he began to search the scriptures. After some study, he was content that he could not find any evidence that would indicate that she was correct. Being convinced that he was right, the study and the conversation about religion ceased. No doubt, this revealed the scales that covered his eyes and the hardness of his heart. After all, are not the truths of God’s sovereignty on every page of his Word? He lost contact with this girl because she moved Michigan and got married soon after they had the aforementioned conversations.

Two years had passed and the young woman, now a mother, called to see if she could get her Bible back from him. Amazingly he had been reading her Bible for the past two weeks. He had been convicted shortly before of his utter hopelessness. He had known all along that there was a God and He was the God of the Bible. Knowing that such a creator existed, he was moved to know what God’s purpose for him was. He was compelled to read the Bible as he believed it to be God’s Word. He began seeing things that the girl had told him of two years before. He did not know how to contact her, but God moved her to call him at just the right time. This man is now a member of the Protestant Reformed Churches, along with his wonderful wife, whom God did regenerate approximately the same time as himself. How wonderful is the grace of our Lord.

The man of whom I speak is I, saved by God’s grace. This woman’s testimony was used by God in a wonderful way. She did not convince me with skilled apologetics. She did not plead with me to believe. She told me who God was and what he had done for her and left it at that. Her dedication to God and also her confidence in what she said struck me. This is being a good witness. God regenerates, not man. Only the omnipotence of God can raise a dead soul. Our Covenant God may use the witness of his people to draw people under the preaching. We show our faith by how we live. This is what impressed me about my dear friend. Her walk caused me to see that she was different, which provoked me to do some searching. She was an instrument of the Lord to bring my wife and myself under the chief means of grace. I cannot thank God enough for giving me such a friend as she. Her family opened their house to my wife and I for the year before our marriage, as we traveled the same three hours to church each week. We dearly love them for all that they have done for us.

We as Christians are not called to be preachers. It is not our goal to go out and win souls. The Word of God delivered by an ordained minister is God’s chosen vessel to spread the gospel. This is our Lords appointed means of gathering his church. We are to be ready to give an answer of the hope that is within us. We are to tell others what God has done for us. The sound gracious preaching that my friend received from week to week gave her the ability to stand for the truth. You may see fruit of your testimony years later. Remember you may tell someone of your faith and they may think you are crazy, yet God may in the future grant repentance unto them.

Be faithful in your calling and know that our Lord Jesus Christ will give the increase. May He receive all glory and honor both now and forever. ❖