A Child of the Reformation

I am a child of the I6lh century Reformation.

I make known that fact with the least hesitation.

My spiritual fathers had an inheritance so grand

Now given to me wherein by grace alone I stand.


Blessed is that heritage, a great wealth untold,

Incomparable even to all of the creation’s gold.

The Scriptures have taught me ever so clearly

“This treasure never sell; but buy and cherish dearly!”


“What is that inheritance which is wealth without measure

Which alone affords you every holy and spiritual pleasure?“

That heritage comes from those days of old

When Apostles proclaimed the Truth in faith so bold.


On that foundation so immoveable, unshakeably sure,

They preached Christ crucified, that Gospel pure.

Preaching salvation by His purpose and grace alone

In Christ, before God had created even one little stone.


That principally is the truth which our fathers have taught,

And also by the Holy Spirit to us this day is brought

By faithful pastors and teachers of God’s infallible Word

So that every week, this too is the Truth we have heard.


To us is returned that glorious Truth of salvation by grace alone,

Which grace is revealed in our lord Jesus Christ alone;

To us is returned that glorious Truth of justification by faith alone,

And, that this Truth is found in the inspired Scriptures alone;


That’s what the Lord did to His Church as He said

When He surely promised, “Into the truth, ye shall be led.”

So, since a little monk by providence to Wittenburg came

The history of God’s church since has never been the same.


On that memorable day, the sound of the Hammer was heard,

And soon around that church door a little crowd murmured,

As they read the long paper with that honest monk’s request

To put his ninety-five theses to the Holy Scriptures’ test.


That German monk to the Pope was a great big bother,

But, to me he is my dear spiritual forefather;

Who with blood, sweat, and tears, diligently fought

Against what the Church in apostasy had taught.


He fought Pope, priests, Tetzel, and Eck,

Would not even consider sparing his own neck,

For the Truth to God’s saints to be returned

Which Truth the Pope and Church evilly spurned.


At the Diet of Worms, the worth of the Truth he reckoned

While before the Diet by the Emperor he was beckoned

To recant all that he had ever written and taught

Which in the church great reformation had brought.


Being charged, like Hus, with being a heretic no less,

And demanded his many alleged errors to confess,

Luther before the great Emperor made his firm reply

That the Truth of the Scripture he would never deny.


Luther, although the prelates him did threaten,

Uttered, “Here I stand! God help me!  Amen!”

The Hammer again was heard that day in 1521

As Rome’s stronghold crumbled: the saints’ bondage done.


Since then, the Reformation did spread

And, by other men, such as John Calvin, was led

To greater depths of God’s infallibly inspired Truth

Making it known as fathers to their spiritual youth.


That development of the Truth under the Spirit’s guiding Hand

Has continued even in recent history in our own land.

Our Heavenly Father has led His saints ever nearer

To a fuller knowledge of the truth, which is now clearer.


This fuller knowledge of the Scriptures we do possess

In the Reformed Faith, which I undauntedly confess.

The Three Forms of Unity sum those truths best

In which I with many saints have found comfort and rest.


From these have taught my spiritual forefathers now and past

Many truths like: God’s Covenant of Grace always to last,

Double Predestination and Divine Providence, too;

Particular Grace; these are only just a very few.


With these truths through Luther, Calvin, and many fathers more,

I stand in a true confession with the Church of the ages before.

Thus, I a child of the Reformation learn from history’s light:

God by sovereign grace alone saves us from our terrible plight.


Then how greatly thankful I must be

That God by His Holy Spirit has begotten me,

And for leading me in a life of sanctification

So that today I may be a child of the Reformation.


Dear young reader, is it your own humble plea,

That God the Reformed Faith will make you see?

A child of the Reformation do you desire to be?

May God grant such blessedness, just like me. ♦♦♦