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A Barren Womb – A Reader Responds

Letter to the Editor

To: Beacon Lights

Concerning the “Gem of the Month”—“A Barren Womb.” To the women who wrote this, I have felt your pain and sense of loss. I was “infertile” as they say. It’s hard to explain the loss that is involved with this, the anger, the depression, the feeling that everyone around you is going to have a baby except you! Especially hard was Christmas and Mother’s Day, days when you just felt like you wanted to just die, for who could understand? Not your friends with 3 or 4 children, although they’d try their best to.

After much prayer and thought, we found that God led us to adopt. We had been married for five years at this time, and we wondered if that child would ever be in our arms. Then, God in His infinite wisdom and mercy answered our prayer. On November 2, our baby boy was placed in our arms, and also in June of 1991 a little girl became a part of our family! We were truly blessed!

But, God wasn’t “finished”—so to speak with us. In March of 1993, we found it to be true that we would have a biological child! It was a prayer that had been answered not in our time, but in God’s time. The comment that you hear people say then is “just adopt, that’s all it took, happens almost all the time.” This is so false! It only happens in less than 5% of couples that adopt and there are many couples that do adopt, either through an organization, private or state.

Now, it’s 1999, and we are blessed and overjoyed to find out that in March of 2000, we will have a baby—the Lord willing—“healthy.”

So this is to all the infertile couples. God is listening. He does hear your prayers and see all those tears that are shed. There is a blessing from such a trial. It’s hard to see with a human eye, but going through infertility, you become more aware of the needs of people around you, not just your own.

For all the couples that are going through this, our prayers are with you. You are not alone. A type of support would be an infertility support group, or a group in a church where there are couples that could meet, talk out the frustrations, anger, and all the other emotions that go with this. We feel it would be a good idea for preachers to get more educated on this matter. It’s very important that they can also be of support and guidance for couples going through this.

There’s so much more we can say about this, perhaps later. For now, may God bless all the couples out there who are going through this. Be patient, for your prayers will be answered.

Thank you.