The Need for Faith

The age in which we live is an age in which the faith of the Christian, especially the youthful Christian, is sorely tried.  The tempo of the battle against the powers of darkness is hard to maintain because of the increasing fury of the attacking forces.  Each day we find new developments in our lives and in the world that make it harder and more difficult to keep up the fight.

There are things taking place in the world that cause many men to fear and tremble.  The temptation for every Christian is to participate in these same fears which now seem to pervade mankind.  However, the Christian has a viewpoint that looks at all events in the light of the Word of God.

It is the plain teaching of the Scripture that:

  1. This world shall be destroyed by fire, that the heavens shall be rolled up as a scroll, that all things must come to an end.
  2. That Christ shall come in a divine revelation of incalculable power and exceeding great glory.
  3. That the events leading up to the appearance of Christ shall be characterized by violent conditions on the earth.
  4. The violent events will be seen by God’s people and are to be construed as evidence of the nearness of the time of the appearance of our Lord.

From this we conclude by pointing out that the very things which cause so much consternation, fear and unrest in men, are things which should serve to strengthen the faith of the child of God who looks to his Lord for salvation.  For that reason we urge you to be full of faith of the child of God who looks to the Lord for his salvation. For that reason we urge you to be full of faith in God during the present days. The days may appear to be very evil to natural men but the regenerated Christian sees in them the evidence of the faithfulness of God and His Word, who has foretold the end from the beginning.

The way to cultivate the faith that preserves is to search the Scriptures.  This means that we study to find all the glorious details of the facts of the coming kingdom of heaven in which we shall live in perfect peace and harmony with God.  Thus we acquire a complete knowledge of the signs of the times and we find that God has, as it were, given us a roadmap telling us just exactly what the route is to the “city foursquare.”

To fail to turn to the Scriptures will result in spiritual embarrassment.  In the measure that our knowledge of the facts of God’s work of salvation is incomplete, to that extent we are prey to the forces of darkness, those forces seeking to overthrow the faith of believers.  We must needs be full of faith, full of the assurance that God is our God forever and that He surely saves His own, always in every age but more so as the days grow darker.