The Fact – Youth for Christ

It has become necessary to clari­fy myself with regard to my article on Y.F.C. in the February issue of Beacon Lights. The main fact that I wish to make clear is that Y. F.C. is an organization outside of the Church and therefore is to be condemned. First, then, I would like to state that […]

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Rethinking Youth for Christ

It is with not little hesitation and apprehensiveness that I reflect upon the subject treated in last month’s issue of Beacon Lights and analyze the approach of my friend and fellow seminarian Marvin Koerner. Although I emphatic­ally agree with Marve as to his conten­tion that “Youth For Christ’’ is not pro­perly sponsored,—an agreement which legitimatizes […]

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Youth for Christ Movement

A Christian, a Protestant Reformed Christian, can truly speak of Christ for Youth. But not in the way the leaders of the “Youth for Christ Movement” speaks of it. These leaders and so called preachers are zealous for the youth of the world, through them, they come to the parents. They have the bad approach, […]

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