Dear Young People…

This morning was a mind-wandering morning for me. The type where you have work that could be done but nothing urgent for the next few hours. I was enjoying the quiet stillness of my classroom, sipping my coffee, and deciding what to tackle first. Nothing was screaming “pick me,” so I picked nothing in particular. […]

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Issue at Hand, March 2020

The Issue at Hand, March 2020 Ryan Kregel   If you are a young man, you probably fit into one of three categories of men. Man #1: You are a big, bad, brazen, beer-drinking individual. You are the cool kid at school. Weaker boys fear you. You have no problem with cutting them down with […]

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Sunday Christians

Since the topic of “Should Young People’s meetings be held on Sunday or on a week­day?” was introduced several months ago, there have been a few interesting responses. Both sides of the matter have been argued well, and the time has come to conclude this question. But how? I cannot do it, because this is […]

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