The Lowly Worm

Rain drops splatter down upon the sidewalk as you hurry to school. A few steps ahead a long skinny creature makes its way across the sidewalk. It stretches out long and thin, its pointed tip probing here and there. Then it begins constricting and the wave travels down its body making the tail end pull […]

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Such a Worm as I

Harry lay lazily on the outer edge of the sidewalk soaking up the dim warmth of the early morning sunshine. The dew gleamed in mirrored crystals on the thickly vegetated grass; Harry caught a glimpse of himself in one of the luminous beads and smiled with a trace of smugness. Harry had it made. For […]

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Creaturely Plowmen – Earthworms

How does an earthworm make its home? Why does an earth­worm come out at night? Why do we find so many worms on the surface of the ground after heavy rains? These and other questions may have occurred to you at some time. Have you found a solution? Even though the worm is a lowly […]

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