The Importance of English Grammar

“Why must we study grammar? I don’t want to go to college anyway; what good will it ever do me?” We, as teachers, sometimes hear these voiced questions either directly to us or in conversations the pupils carry one with each other. Is English grammar a “necessary evil” with which we can do without? Is […]

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Word Attack Methods

Teachers of pupils in the primary grades have a tremendous responsibility. On them is placed the difficult task of giving a proper fundamental foundation of READING. A child without such a foundation is a pathetic figure. A person needs only a little understanding of words and he will discover the English language presents many problems. […]

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Words are, when rightly consider­ed, a never-failing source of wonder, and amazement. We point to this wonder which God has provided as the greatest means of revelation, fellowship and com­munion, in order that we may behold the marvelous works of God and magnify and praise Him. Without His words we cannot rightly know God and […]

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