The Quest of the Magi

(Matt. 2:1-11) With glowing light the dawn doth break O’er yonder hills; And in its wake Majestically the sun doth rise Casting its rays o’er land and skies. The city stirs from slumber deep Jerusalem rouses, wakes from sleep And soon the tread of busy feet Are hastening on, in every street. The cry of […]

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The Star That Spoke

Have you ever found yourself on a clear, moonless night gazing upward at the stars? The stars can be so very impressive. One moment they will look like so many precious gems scattered carelessly against the background of a black velvet sky. Or again they will remind one of the many lights of a distant […]

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The Magi

There is, perhaps, no other Scriptural narrative around which has sprung up such a mass of tradition as that which we find concerning the story of the Magi.  This is probably due to the fact that their history is recorded in such brief simplicity and has left unanswered a host of question which arise so […]

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