To Die is Gain

Often in this earthly life, We feel the touch of death. It brings to our remembrance How man is but a breath. When one we love is taken From their place here in this life, We feel the pain of sorrow Which cuts us like a knife. But when we think on our Savior, We […]

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Victory in Christ

One moment on earth, the next in heaven, O what a change it must be! To close one’s eyes in this troubled world, In heaven, the Savior to see. One moment on earth, the next in heaven, All pain and discomfort are past; No sorrow for sin, no battles to win, True vict’ry has now […]

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The Victory of Faith

Why are you, the covenant youth of the church different, definitely different from the world? Why do you faithfully attend church on Sunday, while others enjoy sports and relaxation? Why do you attend catechism, young people’s meetings of the church? Why do you choose your friends and com­panions from your own church people? Why? Is […]

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