Perfect Peace

Peace is something every person wants; every community in every nation wants peace.  The whole world is crying for peace, peace for all mankind.  They cry until there is no voice left in their mouths.  But the world cries in vain for peace, because they will never receive it.  They have the wrong idea of […]

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Faint-Hearted Calvinism

It should be apparent to the in­telligent observer that there exists in modern orthodox Christianity and in ourselves particularly, a growing lack of courage to speak out for principle’s sake. Our will­ingness and desire to walk as a living testimony to the truth and its power in our lives is, generally speaking, diminishing as the […]

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The Holy Art of Thanksgiving

This issue of Beacon Lights comes out in the month of November, which is the month remembered especially because it is the season of thanksgiving. Harvest time is just past and we as a nation have the custom of setting a day of the month of November aside to give thanks to Almighty God. Although […]

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