Proper Judging in a Time of Tolerance

To judge is to make a pronouncement of what is right or wrong. The common view today is that we may not judge, but rather are to show tolerance. We must accept homosexuality as a viable lifestyle, abortion as a personal choice and drunkenness as a fun past time. The world openly embraces all manner […]

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Editor Note: The following is the text of an address given at the 1973 Protestant Re­formed Young People’s Convention held in Hope, Grand Rapids. It was given as an introduction to one of the discussion ses­sions. A proper beginning for any topic of dis­cussion would be, I think, a definition of the topic at hand. […]

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Of Toleration

Intolerance is one of the charges leveled most consistently at the heart of the church which has the calling before Jesus Christ, as King of the Church, to remain pure in doctrine and in practice. When this purity of doctrine and uprightness in practical liv­ing is maintained in the church and in the lives of […]

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