When lightnings blaze and thunders crash Thy white-hot anger speaks With fury unsurpassed, Resounding, crackling shrieks. I watch in awe as skies are rent, Thy dreadful power is shown; Thy wrath against all those Who hate Thee: God alone. And midst the howling clamor I feel peaceful and secure; Thy awesome power: my shield, My […]

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God Has His Way in the Storm (2)

Last time we ended in anticipation of looking at the various elements of a storm from the viewpoint of God’s Word. We remember, that God has “His way in the whirlwind and in the storm” (Nahum 1:3). There are many spiritual realities pictured for us in the physical elements of a storm. It is interesting […]

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The Voice of the Lord

The voice of God was heard last night. Millions heard Him. He spoke powerfully and emphatically. Some who heard Him acknowledged that He was speaking and that He was God. Most ignored Him even though they were momentarily terror stricken. “The voice of the thunder was in the heavens, the lightening lightened the world: the […]

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