A Turn of Events: From Chaos to Comfort (2)

There was more chaos in the land in 1560. Two leading men had been expelled from the Protestant town of Heidelberg, Germany: one, the Lutheran Dr. Hesshuss, for his extreme hostility towards the other, a Calvinist. But even with Hesshuss gone, the controversy between the Lutheran view of the Lord’s Supper and the Calvinist view […]

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A Turn of Events: From Chaos to Comfort (1)

He was a man of great intellect, self-assurance, and strong opinions, but where would these opinions lead? Dr. Thieleman Hesshuss taught in the newly established seminary at Heidelberg, Germany. Professors of varying Reformed persuasions were welcomed here in 1560, and Hesshuss held his Lutheran views on the Lord’s Supper very high. In most of Europe […]

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