Bearing Temptations

Temptation! The very word strikes fear in our hearts. They are the times in our lives when we as young people could make a terrible mistake. Some of these mistakes are terribly costly. It’s Friday evening, you are out cruising around with a car full of guys. Next to you at the red light, a […]

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Tempted of God

Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God. James 1:13. The Word of God comes to us with a note of warning. When the hosts of dark­ness are set in battle array against us and temptations beset us from every side, when Satan lays his snares for us, threatening us […]

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Wanna See Mom!

Our children like cookies, candy, and gum. Not only do they like these things but they seem to desire them above any­thing else. As a result of their fondness for these items we often hear “Wanna cookie Mom,” “Got some candy for us Dad?”, “Gimme some gum,” and other similar expressions. The problem comes, however, […]

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