The Issue at Hand

I was going to introduce this issue of Beacon Lights by expressing the need that we have for teachers. I was going to make the point by referencing a letter that the Federation of PR Schools sent out recently, expressing that great need. I was going to punctuate my introduction with a lengthy quote from […]

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A Day in the Life of a Prospective Teacher

I considered a different title for this editorial. “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Prospective Teacher” while certainly more catchy and accurate would probably have faced some copyright issues for ripping off the title of the popular book written by an “unlikely convert,” Rosaria Butterfield. So, what you see is what you get. At least […]

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The Questions I Never Was Asked

There are tons—and that’s a lot—of questions I never was asked. Some of them might be labeled frivolous: Do you like sushi? Or, what is your fourth favorite color? Others might be considered meaningful: Who is the most important U.S. President and why? Or, how important is the U.S. Constitution to you? Then there are […]

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