Good News from Synod

In June delegates from our churches gathered for Synod. At Synod the ministers and elders take care of the matters which pertain to the work of our churches as a federation. One such matter is the examination of students who have completed the required training for the work of a minister. The church as a […]

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Convocation – 1951

In all likelihood this June issue will find its way into the hands of our read­ers just at the time our 1951 Synod will convene in our Fourth Church. To all of us the annual Synod registers the con­clusion of one and the beginning of an­other ecclesiastical year. Every phase of our denominational church life […]

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Our Synod

Perhaps some of you young people will be rather surprised to find an article in our Beacon Lights under the heading: Our Synod.  There are several reasons for this, reasons which I need not enumerate at present.  However, one of the main reasons is that I just attended our Synodical meeting, and finding no time […]

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