God’s Sovereignty – The Free Will of Man

Nowhere in our King James version of the Bible, young people, will you find the word sovereign or the word sovereignty. This does not mean that the truth of God’s sovereignty is not clearly set forth in the Scriptures. From Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21 the Scriptures teach emphatically that God is sovereign. His name […]

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Pamphlet Reviews

1. A Defense of Calvinism As The Gospel – by Rev. David Engelsma. Evangelism Committee of South Holland Protestant Reformed Church, 24pp. Free. Reviewed by DH. a) This valuable gem of writing makes five preface reasons for purposes of distribution: 1) It is a basic explanation of Calvinism for the non- reformed. b) It is […]

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The above caption will immediately raise in the mind of our readers the thought of a certain point of discussion that was for some time coming to the foreground in our Christian life. The history of the individual Christian life and of the Christian church has a way of bringing such points to the foreground, […]

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