The Solar System (2)

The spacious heavens declare The glory of our God, The firmament displays His handiwork abroad; Day unto day proclaim His might, And night His wisdom tells to night. We have been discussing the universe as every believer should and as all who reside in this great universe must (that it is God’s Great Universe). We […]

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The Solar System (1)

Forsaking his tent in the sky, Arrayed as a bridegroom, the sun Comes forth in his glorious strength Rejoicing his circuit to run.   He tells through the length of the heavens His Maker’s great wisdom and might, And nothing in all of the earth Is hid from his heat and his light.   The […]

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God’s Great Universe

“The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork.” So spoke the sweet-singer of Israel many years now gone by. He undoubtedly composed those words of the 19th Psalm either as he lay under the star-studded heavens of Judea or as he sat in retrospect and thought about the meaning of […]

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