Competing Spectacles: Treasuring Christ in the Media Age 

  We are living in an age of spectacles. No, I’m not referring to the fact that people have started to wear eyeglasses for purely fashion purposes. I’m talking about things like YouTube celebrities, political scandals, Super Bowl ads, social media influencers, viral news stories, sports highlights, virtual reality video games, pornography, and the latest […]

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The Offense of Cyberbullying

How dare anyone mock another of God’s precious children? How dare anyone laugh at the physical or mental limitations that God in his wisdom gives to one of his children! We all have thorns; physical and psychological problems that cause us to be inadequate. These thorns are given us by God for countless reasons.  They […]

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An Unsettling Study

Before reading this article, it would be beneficial to read Mark Hoeksema’s editorial from the May issue of Beacon Lights. What you read in this article may shock you. It may be something you’ve never taken into consideration. Or it may be something your parents are constantly badgering you about. Whatever the case may be, […]

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