Acts 15:36 to 18:22

The Book of Acts: Paul’s Second Missionary Journey (continued) III. AT PHILIPPI, 16:11-40 A.  The Journey, vss. 11, 12. 1.   What is the significance of “therefore,” vs. 11? 2.   Trace the journey. How long did it take? 3.  What kind of city was Philippi? a.   What is the meaning of “the chief city […]

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LESSON XL PAUL, SILAS AND TIMOTHY ENTER EUROPE Acts 16:1-15 I.  Paul and Silas Visit the Churches: Verses 1-5 A.  We are introduced to a disciple well-spoken of by the brethren—Timothy.  1. His mother is a Jew and his father a Greek.  2. Paul wills to take this young man (about 17 years old) along.  […]

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