John 4:16 – 5:30

LESSON XIV. Jesus and the Samaritan Woman (continued) John 5:16-24 Evoking a Confession of Sin: vss. lfi-18. With these words we have the begin­ning of the second phase of Jesus’ con­versation with her. Go, call thy husband, etc. But didn’t Jesus know about her present, and past conditions? Of course, but this was the sore […]

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John 3:9 – 4:16

LESSON X. (John 3:9-16) How can these things be, vss. 9:13. In vs. 4 Nicodemus asked a similar question, how an old man can be born again. Here he admits the possibility but questions the manner of this spiritual renewal. That the Spirit gives rebirth is not enough for him, he must also know how […]

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