Pathfinder… Pathfollowers

In December of 1996 a Delta II rocket roared from the Cape Canaveral Air Station carrying a space craft called “Pathfinder.” Once the rocket had carried Pathfinder beyond the clutches of earth’s gravity, it was released and sent on its mission to the planet Mars. Traveling at great speed, and watched closely by scientists with […]

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Rocket Power

In this age of alphabetized terms such as ICBM, IRBM and a myriad of agencies controlling or working with missiles, we are all aware of the fact that there is a phenomenon called rocket power or rockets. Each week brings the news of another success or attempt to shoot a missile into space by the […]

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Straight Up and Out…

A paper presented before the Senior Mr. and Mrs. Society of First Church   Less than a year ago the vast majority of the peoples of the earth would have scorned any suggestion that possibly someday man might reach the moon or be able to travel more or less freely in space. Some people, perhaps, […]

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