Interview with Tim Kooima (2)

MHH:  What happened with respect to your own family in the period subsequent to the actual schism? TK:  Well, they remained in Rock Valley. MHH:  And when Rock Valley went back… TK:  Then my folks went to the CRC in Rock Valley. My mother is still living, and she is still a member in the […]

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Interview with Tim Kooima (1)

MHH: It is March 2, 2009, and I am about to interview Mr. Tim Kooima from the Hull Protestant Reformed Church in Hull, IA.  Mr. Kooima, where and when were you born? TK:  October 26, 1932.  I was born at the home of my mother’s parents, in Iowa, with a Hudson, SD address, which caused […]

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Interview with James Blankespoor (2)

MHH:  It is April 11, 2010.  I am at the residence of Mr. James Blankespoor in Lansing, Illinois.  When our last interview concluded, he was about to begin speaking concerning events in the late 1940s and the history that led up to the division of 1953.  And it’s at that point in this second interview […]

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