The Breastplate of Righteousness

Danny and his sister Becky crowded around the library book their mom held on her lap. Danny frowned at the picture of a Roman soldier. “What’s he wearing for armor?” Their mom tapped the picture. “It’s a lorica segmentata, the type of breastplate the Roman soldier wore at the time Paul wrote Ephesians. The lorica […]

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The Believers Perfect Righteousness

Last time, young people, we considered the wisdom of God in choosing Christ as our Saviour in the way of His cross, so that we might be lifted to the highest glory that is possible for the creature. And undoubtedly you remember that we are considering the five points that Paul presents in I Corinthians […]

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A Blessed Hunger and Thirst

One can be aware of the fact that one lacks certain possessions that are gener­ally considered valuable, and yet be glad, because of this poverty. Think of the women in Bethlehem, when the sword of Herod swept through the land to kill all the babies of two years and under, in order to kill the […]

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