The State of the Union: Ten Steps Forward for the Beast

While the Congress cheered, President Nixon made it known that his legacy to the United States and the world would be a structure for a lifetime and our children’s lifetime of world peace. This, said the President, has been his primary goal and will continue to be the primary goal of his administration. Such was […]

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Behind the Bamboo Curtain

The eyes of the world are focused on the “Middle (or Central) Kingdom.” The president of the world’s most powerful country is visiting one of the world’s most forbidden countries. The most important diplomatic event during the month of February is the visit of President Nixon behind the “bamboo curtain” to attempt to establish cordial […]

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The 1960 Presidential Election at a Glance

Both major political parties claim that the 1960 national election is one of the most critical elections in the history of our nation.  They base their claim in the light of increasing international conflict which is climaxed by the fear of Russia, rumors of war, and technological advances on the part of the aggressors.  Both […]

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