New Pamphlet Exposes Promise Keepers Movement

A new pamphlet entitled “Promises, Promises, Promises….”, and recently published by the Southwest Protestant Reformed Church, directs its attention to a timely subject. In this publication, Rev. R. Cammenga evaluates the well-known “Promise Keepers” movement, now sweeping through the United States, from a “distinctively Reformed perspective” (preface). Witnessing the multitude of Christian churches and “reformed” […]

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Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers: is it right or is it wrong? I interviewed a member of our churches, Dave, who attended the Promise Keepers Assembly at the Pontiac Silverdome. He said it was a revival of about 75,000 men. There was not one women except for the ones serving lunch. It was over a period of 2 […]

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