The Far Right Responds

Dear Miss Lubbers, Through the courtesy of my good friend, Robert Harbach, I frequently receive Beacon Lights.  I enjoy the magazine and save them for reference. Today the April issue came and I have finished reading your article on the “Far Right.”  I feel constrained to reply and hope I do not overly offend you […]

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The Far Right

While conversing recently with a literate and well-informed businessman, he made the surprising and unusual statement that he had never met or talked with a Communist.  In all the fervor which is presently being expended this is a surprising statement.  Few would make such a statement and yet the truth of this statement can undoubtedly […]

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Current Events

Democrats: Stevenson Again In Chicago, last August, after the smoke had cleared, Adlai Stevenson, unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate in 1952, appeared once again the choice of the Democratic National Convention. From the first, things seemed to be going his way. Estes Kefauver, his chief opponent for the nomination, had retired from the presidential race. Kefauver, […]

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