Screens, Smartphones, and Spectacles

In just a few short decades, screens and related technologies such as smartphones and social media have transformed our world in ways unimaginable a generation ago. These topics deserve careful evaluation by the child of God who is striving to honor the Lord in all areas of life. How about you? Do you understand how […]

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I don’t have much time. No, I did not just receive a fatal diagnosis. I simply don’t have much time to keep your attention. According to Microsoft Canada, the average human attention span is only eight seconds (28). I would have a better chance writing to goldfish (attention span: nine seconds). Unfortunately, we do not […]

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An Unsettling Study

Before reading this article, it would be beneficial to read Mark Hoeksema’s editorial from the May issue of Beacon Lights. What you read in this article may shock you. It may be something you’ve never taken into consideration. Or it may be something your parents are constantly badgering you about. Whatever the case may be, […]

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