Where Lies Our Identity?

If a young person goes anywhere beyond the four walls of their home or opens any social media, they will without a doubt run into the wisdom of the world called critical race theory (CRT). This theory assumes that one group of people holds power, not physically but emotionally and socially, over another group of […]

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Hearts Set Aright

All around us, the world grows increasingly more and more wicked. The influence of the world slowly creeps into the church and tempts her members in many ways. It fills our homes with ideals constructed by men and women who crave nothing but the lusts of the flesh. Men of the world strive for better […]

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Wisdom of This World

This issue of Beacon Lights is intended as a word of warning to young people. A warning that reflects the words of the apostle James, who spoke to believers living in a world that is surprisingly similar to the one in which you are growing up (James 3:13–16). That world, like ours, was obsessed with […]

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