Philip Melanchthon (3)

The final aspect of Melanchthon’s life with which we will deal has to do with his position as the chief spokesman for the Reformation in its colloquies and consultations with the Romish Church.  In this connection, his detractors hurl the accusation of “compromiser” against him.  Usually, modern critics of Philip muffle criticism as regards Philip’s […]

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Philip Melanchthon (2)

The life-long, intimate friendship and mutual high regard which Luther and Melanchthon reciprocated foundered only once.  That, ironically, was the matter of the presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  Although Melanchthon differed from Luther on several important counts, Philip’s view of the Lord’s Supper was the one doctrine in which he more closely approximated the […]

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Philip Melanchthon (1)

The only uncontested statements about the life of Philip Melanchthon (also Melancthon) are those of his dates and places.  As soon as one steps beyond the limits of his birthdate and dwelling places, he steps into an arena of bitter dispute.  Many condemn Philip so vehemently as to be unable to say any good of […]

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