Genesis 46, 47

3. Participants in this Descent  a. The general statement is made in Gen. 46:5-7, 26, 27.  b. The number was 70 souls: Jacob and his sons. 1) Of the children of Leah: 6 sons, 23 grandsons, 1 daughter (Dinah, unmarried) total 32. 2) Of the children of Zilpah (Leah’s maid): 2 sons, 11 grandsons, 2 […]

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Genesis 45,46

Genesis 45 Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers I. The disclosure (vss. 1-8). A. The event as such. 1. Why is the first reaction of the brothers to Joseph’s identification of himself one of terror? a. “they were troubled” (vs. 3) is, literally, “they were terrified.” b. That this terror was deeply rooted is indicated: […]

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