The Parables of Our Lord

The Young Adults Society in Loveland, Colorado is studying the parables of our Lord and using as a guide the book by Prof. Hanko, The Mysteries of the Kingdom. We have been studying it for one season and have made it through chapter 12 of the book. It has created much variety in our discussions. Our […]

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Symbolism in Nature

I recall standing with a group of men some time ago talking about the Russian success in taking pictures of the other side of the moon.  It was toward evening and the sun was sinking in the distant west casting the shadows of the night about us.  These men were properly impressed with the accomplishment […]

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Bible Study Outline Outline I Introduction Read Matt. 13:1-17: The subject material of the pre­sent season’s outlines is the Par­ables of our Lord. We may say at the very outset that the subject is not an easy one, but very worth­while. You will need to put forth some extra effort in your study and discussion, […]

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