Apologists: Origen

No survey of the apologists would be complete without noting Origen (c. AD 185–253).  His life  Origen was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Clement of Alexandria had founded a school there, which taught catechumens and prepared men for ministry. This school was known for teaching the allegorical method of interpreting Scripture, which will be explained below. […]

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Portraits of the Church Fathers (3) – Origen

It has been some time now since our last “portrait” appeared in Beacon Lights. For those interested the last article appeared in the June-July, 1966 issue. In that article we drew a picture of Polycarp a martyr for the faith. It was our intention in discussing his life to point out that the Church, during […]

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The Apologists (4)

Origen. As we remarked in an earlier issue of Beacon Lights, the Apologists were divided into those of the Greek School and those of the Latin School. We will now single out one of those in the Greek School for our consideration in this issue. Naturally we select Origen, for he was indeed the outstanding […]

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