My Most Unforgettable Character

Our covered wagon suddenly emerged from the rolling green of Virginia into the closely crammed hills of Kentucky. Amazement struck me, not only with the sight of the first mountains I had ever seen, but with the fact that ninety-eight per cent of the local terra firma was set on a sixty-degree angle. How utterly […]

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Today’s Tragedy

In the past, considerable interest and discussion have centered upon meaningful phrases.  “I love you,” probably ranks as most popular, for obvious reasons.  The poet Whittier says that the saddest words of tongue and pen are these: “It might have been.” Today, another phrase must concern us.  Although we all use it, it is not […]

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In the Still of the Night

The stillness of the night clearly indicated it to be a night for wandering and for unscrambling crisscross thought; a quiet valley in the jagged range of helter-skelter living; a time to be spent evaluating and categorizing the impressions and experiences of the recent overcrowded weeks. These busy weeks had also left a residue of […]

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