Safety in the Ark

The Flood is history. The same kind of carnal unbelief that said in Noah’s day, “there will be no Flood,” says today, “there was no Flood.” Both are rooted in the love of the world and hatred of the God of Jesus Christ, truth, and judgment. The church must proclaim the history of the Flood.  […]

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Living in Hope of a New Creation

This might surprise us at first. What does the flood have to do with the return of Christ? After all, the flood is recorded way at the beginning of the Bible, while our Lord’s return will be the very last thing that happens in the history of this earth. The flood resulted in the utter […]

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What’s in Your Bible? Boats

I’d like to use this rubric for a time in exploration and explanation of interesting things – especially tangible objects – that appear in the Bible and often in the historical narrative passages.  Typically in our preaching, teaching and studying of the scriptures in which we are searching for the spiritual, gospel truth of the […]

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