Fleeing Sin (4)

We ended last time with a view to looking at how separating from sin and impenitent sinners takes place only in the true church where sharp antithetical preaching is found and where discipline is administered. This we will do in the final article beginning with a look at our creeds. All three of our creeds […]

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Fleeing Sin (1)

Lord’s Day 33, Q & A 89 of the Heidelberg Catechism asks the question: “What is the mortification of the old man?” The answer: “It is a sincere sorrow of heart, that we have provoked God by our sins; and more and more to hate and flee from them.” It is evident from this question […]

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Who Knows?

Every Christian will confess that it takes a continual struggle to put his Christianity into effect. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that the things which are seen always seem to contradict our faith. Moreover, we are earthly and natural. It is not so much a lack of knowledge that makes it difficult to […]

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