The Right to Kill

God has been cast out of our modern society. He is not merely ignored, but definitely rejected. God’s law is considered to be archaic, unsuited for our modern day. It plainly teaches: Thou shalt not kill. But modern man says, I have the right to kill, if it is to my advantage. Our modern society […]

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Love the Lord Thy God

Fellow youth in Christ. I have been asked to write on the last part of Question and Answer 105, Lord’s Day 40. ”Also that I hurt not myself, nor willfully expose myself to any danger.” This part of question and answer 105 is under the sixth commandment in the law of God; “Thou shalt not […]

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Proverbs for Young Pilgrims: The Golden Rule and Murder

Young Pilgrim, having indicated to you in a previous editorial that I would again write concerning the Golden Rule and the second table of the Law, we will proceed to study the Sixth Commandment. Our purpose in this editorial is an achievement of a better understanding of murder, its causes and prevention, and how this […]

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