A Pastor’s Life as a Slave of Christ

“Paul, a [slave] of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God.” Though our King James Version uses the word “servant” rather than “slave,” that is how we can read the apostle Paul’s introduction of himself in the opening verse of his letter to the Romans.­ Paul, the great preacher, […]

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Enslaved to Jehovah

It is likely that there are few people who would be content upon being sold into slavery. For many, the very term “slave” immediately produces images of prejudice and horrific violence. Even more offensive to our selfish hearts is the implication of total subordination to another. To be a slave is to forget about one’s […]

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Graduates, Where are you Going?

It is the evening of your graduation exercise? I see you line up with your classmates to await the first chords of “Pomp and Circumstance”. Your hand feels cold and damp. You are frightened by the eyes that will be upon you. Graduation is commencement. You are declared ready for new beginnings. Time for you […]

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