The Story of the Mennonites

If one should be traveling through some parts of our farming country in the Middle Western states, or more particularly, through Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania one would pause a moment along the way.  In box-like horse-drawn wagons that pass there are bearded men in black broad-brim-hats and their bonneted wives with long full skirts.  They look […]

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Peace Shall Destroy Many

Peace Shall Destroy Many, By Rudy Wiebe, Published by W. B. Eerdmans Publish­ing Co.   The Mennonite community of Wapiti lived in peace. The people had all of their farms close together and tried their best to remain separate from the outside wicked world. But many threats arose to imperil this seclusion, by the wartime […]

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To Pay or Not to Pay

Coming as immigrants into the American colonies along with other aliens in the 17th century were groups of German-speaking people known as Mennonites.  In general, these Mennonites were a sect organized in Zurich, Switzerland in 1525.  They had split from the Roman Catholic Church and they were a branch of the Anabaptists.  It is the […]

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