Our Proper Christian Attire

Text: Colossians 3:12-13     Colossians sets before us a pointed reminder of the preeminence of Christ when it comes to all Christian doctrine and practice.  The Christian faith, unlike any other religion, does not focus on laws, not even divine precepts, and certainly not human ordinances.  It rejects all forms of legalism.  The Christian […]

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“Choosing rather to suffer af­fliction with the people of God. . . .”  Hebrews 11:25 As a child, there were two stories from the Old Testament which dis­tressed me a great deal. Neither of these stories seemed to have a very just or happy ending. And if there is one thing which every child looks […]

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“Father, Forgive Them…”

“If that idiot-driver at the head of the line had not been sleeping when the light turned, I could have made it through!’’ Have you ever heard anyone say that. . .or said it yourself? For that matter, how often do you go through an entire day without hearing a single snide remark about somebody […]

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