The Liberated Churches and You

Now that we have discussed somewhat the idea of church correspondence as such, we shall try in this second article to treat the matter of correspondence between the Protestant Reformed and the Liberated Churches, discussing brief­ly the background, attempts at, advis­ability and possibility of such correspond­ence.   Background: From the outset we must state that […]

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The Liberated Church and You

I have a big order on my hands, an order, or request, which I received from the staff of Beacon Lights. The sub­stance of that order is as follows: “At a recent staff meeting we decided to ask you to write an article of two to clarify the question of the Liberated Churches in relation […]

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For some time there has been considerable interest in our circles about the Liberated Churches in the Netherlands. Although most of this interest has been shown by our parents who are able to under­stand the situation because of their knowledge of the Dutch language, nevertheless certain events have taken place in the circles of Pro­testant […]

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